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As German forces occupied nations in northern Europe, the organization expanded its program to provide care to suitable women and children, particularly in Norway, where the women were judged suitably Aryan. Such repercussions were widespread throughout Europe. December Learn how and when to remove this template message A Lebensborn birth house Lebensborn was one of several programs initiated by the Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler to try to secure the racial heredity of the Third Reich.

1000 bad german woman for sex

While some women and children suffered torture and deportation, most acts against them fell into one or several of the following categories: Of the estimated 10,—12, children born to Norwegian mothers and German fathers during the war, 8, were registered by Abteilung Lebensborn. Some Finnish women who were associated with German soldiers faced discrimination in the Finnish society.

1000 bad german woman for sex

1000 bad german woman for sex

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  1. Yet these children have often been condemned by descent from the enemy and discriminated against in their society. A small portion, about 1, of the children, were fathered by foreign troops.

  2. Some of these children were adopted by the Finnish men who married the children's mothers. In December , war children filed a claim in the Norwegian courts for the failure of the state to protect them as Norwegian citizens.